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  • Post Date : October 22, 2020

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  • Sector Application Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Experience Greater Than 10 YearFrom 7 to 9 year
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description


Hope you are doing well!

We are working on the RQ00095 – Systems Testing/QA Specialist that is available with one of our client Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Toronto.

If you have the required experience and are available for new opportunities, please send the following documents at by Friday, October 23, 10:00 am EST.

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Job Title: RQ00095 – Systems Testing/QA Specialist
Organization: Land & Resources Cluster
Ministry: Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Office Location: Toronto
Estimated Start Date: 2020-11-02
Estimated End Date: 2021-03-31
# Business Days: 130
Security Level: No Clearance Required
Extension # of Days: 65.00

Job Description:

Must haves:

5+ Years of experience in QA Testing
Demonstrated experience utilizing JIRA and Selenium

Note on Assignment Type:

This position is currently listed as “Onsite”; however, the consultant will be remote due to COVID-19 related Work from Home (WFH) direction. Once the I&IT cluster staff are required to return to the office, the resource under this request will be required to work onsite as well.



  • Provides advice on the testing strategy, test plans, the selection of testing tools, and the identification of resources required for testing.
  • Plans and organizes testing efforts for large systems in Graphical User Interface (GUI) and non-Graphical User Interface (GUI) environments, including the execution of systems integration tests, specialized tests, and user acceptance testing (e.g., stress tests).
  • The Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible for the development of test plans, test scripts and test cases and executing these against the various components. The tester will work with the testing lead and IT lead of each project as well as the project team members in the analysis, design, development, implementation and ongoing support of the required systems.

Responsibilities/Assignment Deliverables:

  • Strong background in, and at least 3+ years of working in QA automation using Selenium or similar tool
  • Compose manual and automated test scripts for new functionality
  • Knowledge of Agile SCRUM preferred.
  • Thorough understanding of SDLC, specifically automated QA processes in agile development environments
  • Building test infrastructures using containerization technologies such as Docker and working within continuous delivery / continuous release pipeline processes
  • Participate in business requirement review and walk through meetings;
  • Collaborate with the Ministry to develop a Test Strategy and Plan for the pilot implementation
  • Provide feedback to Drive Clean Management regarding the completeness and quality of the proposed vendor plan to execute
  • Functional testing;
  • Application integration (links, connections, security transactions between functions and main modules);
  • System testing (end-to-end testing);
  • Regression testing;
  • User Acceptance testing;
  • Test cases and test data using LRC standard Rational Quality Manager toolset:
  • Execute UAT test cases and document the results
  • Record application defects reported in the Cluster’s defect reporting tool – Azure
  • Coordinate and facilitate regular defect review meeting with stakeholders
  • Provide defect status reports throughout the testing cycles
  • Participate in regular project team meeting and provide status and update as required;
  • Provide weekly report confirming status of assigned tasks

The selected Testing/QA Specialist will be expected to ensure that the proposed Test
Strategy / Test plans include the following correction procedure.
1. Prioritize problems based on severity level definitions;
2. Identify problems, isolate them and document as defect;
3. Regression test for resolved defects

The selected Testing/QA Specialist will be expected to ensure that the proposed Test
Strategy / Test plans includes the following:

  • Functional testing:
  • Component level testing;
  • Low level (test cases, GUI, check lists);
  • Functional (test existing functions, sub-functions and their objects);
  • Non-functional (boundary conditions- login and password windows, security issues); and,
  • Data and Database Integrity Testing

The databases and the database processes should be tested as separate systems within the test plan. These systems should be tested without the application (as the interface to the data).

  • System Testing

System testing should focus on any target requirements that can be traced directly to use cases (or business functions), and business rules. The goals of these tests are to verify proper data acceptance, processing, and retrieval, and the appropriate implementation of the business rules.

  • Load Testing

Load testing measures subject the system-under-test to varying workloads to evaluate the systems ability to continue to function properly under these different workloads. The goal of load testing is to determine and ensure that the system functions properly beyond the expected maximum workload. Additionally, load testing evaluates the performance characteristics (response times, transaction rates, and other time sensitive issues).

  • Security and Access Control Testing

Security and access control testing focus on two key areas of security: Application security, including access to the data or business functions, and system security, including logging
into / remote access to the application. Application security which ensures that, based upon the desired security, users are restricted to specific functions or are limited in the data that is available to them. For example, everyone may be permitted to enter data and create new accounts, but only managers can delete them. If there is security at the data level, testing ensures that ‘user type one’ can see all customer information, including financial data, however, ‘user type two’ only sees the demographic data for the same ministry. System security ensures that only those users granted access to the system are capable of accessing the application and only through the appropriate gateways.

  • Configuration Testing

Configuration testing verifies operation of the software on different software and hardware configurations. In most production environments, the particular hardware specifications for the Client workstations, network connections and database servers vary. Client workstations may have different software loaded (e.g. applications, rivers, etc.) and at any one time many different combinations may be active and using different resources.


Experience and Skill Set Requirements
1. 5 or more years of experience as a Systems Testing/QA Specialist;
2. Experience with Agile Scrum methodologies
3. Experience with Agile Sprint Management and Bug tracking solutions such as Jira
4. Experience running automated tests
5. Experience working with Selenium to develop automated test cases
6. Use JIRA or other bug tracking tools.
7. Demonstrated experience in all functions of system testing;
8. Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of testing methods in an object-oriented environment;
9. Ability to identify, trace, isolate and replicate problems and successfully conduct root cause analysis as required;
10. Experience in documenting in detail the UAT Test Cases, and other related UAT artifacts;
11. Experienced with using defect management tools for QA/QC work (e.g. Rational Team Concert (RTC), Rational Quality Manager (RQM) or similar tools);
12. Experience in managing defect reporting and resolution during the defect cycle, this includes working with the user acceptance test lead to report and resolve defects in a timely manner;
13. Demonstrated experience in development of test plan and reusable test cases; and
14. Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills; excellent English language verbal and written communication skills
15. Participates in ongoing process improvement efforts to ensure test automation is promoted and applied effectively across multiple teams
16. Researches tools, methods, and technology trends to support departmental test automation objectives

Component: Analysis & Design
Product: RUP Methodology, Enterprise Architecture (Zachman Framework), specifically rows 3-5, IBM® Rational Rose®
Version 2003.06.00
Component: Web Browser
Product: Internet Explorer I.E. Chrome, (Firefox if application is external [outside OPS] facing)
Component: Office Automation Tools
Product: Microsoft Office®, including Exchange/Outlook
Component: Testing Tools
Product: IBM® Rational Functional Tester – Version or higher, IBM® AppScan Version 8.5, IBM® Rational Quality
Manager – Version 4.0, IBM® Rational Performance Tester-Version 8.2, Selenium, Azure Dev Ops Test Plan
Component: Defect Tracking Tool
Product: Azure Dev Ops



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