Programmer Developer

Job Detail

  • Sector Programmer Developer
  • Experience Greater Than 10 Year
  • Qualifications Degree Bachelor

Job Description

Cluster:  Health Services Cluster

Ministry:  Ministry of Health

Assignment Name:  OHISS Support

Anticipated Assignment Start Date:  Monday, May 25, 2020

Anticipated Assignment End Date:  Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Est. # of Days: 229 days

Work Location – 5700 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, M2M 4K5



The Public Health I&IT Solutions (PHS) Branch develops and implements innovative I+IT solutions to modernize and improve public health in Ontario so that Ontario’s public health units/regional public health entities can improve delivery of mandatory public health programs and services. These services encompass the provision of immunization services, seniors’ dental health program, control of infectious diseases, disease and injury prevention, safe drinking water, school health services and tobacco inspection programs, as prescribed in the Ontario Public Health Standards.

Branch Mandate

  • Manage ministry-supported public health solutions, with a goal of streamlining and better integrating public health technology solutions within the public health sector and with the broader digital health sector.
  • Contribute to a Public Health Digital Strategy for an integrated, interoperable ecosystem of public health IT solutions across the scope of public health practice, which also interface with broader health sector digital health assets.
  • Advance strategic and legislative transformation initiatives (e.g., Digital First, Red Tape Reduction etc.)

Oral Health Information Support System (OHISS) serves as a comprehensive repository of information for government dental and vision programs in Ontario used by the public health units in supporting Healthy Smiles Ontario, Ontario Seniors Dental Care Programs and Child Visual Health and Vision Screening Protocol 2018. It supports service tracking, program reporting and analyzing data for: vision screening; oral screening, assessment, and surveillance; supplementary/historical records that support the Healthy Smiles Ontario program; and Indicator Reporting. OHISS Mobile application is used to record detailed vision and oral screening and surveillance information on a mobile device.

The Java Programmer Developer, Level 2 is required to maintain the existing level of Health Service I&IT Cluster (HSC) service and support for the OHISS solution (in the event of defects/bug fixes) and to perform enhancements as requested by the program area. The resource will translate technical systems specifications into working, tested applications, and develop, test, support and maintain components of existing solutions. This includes: technical analysis; preparation of detailed programming specifications; program design; writing and/or generating code; conducting unit tests; modifying the underlying components to conform/align with upgrades and patches and business requirement changes, as well as specialized support for the overall solution. This resource will provide software expertise in various computing platforms, operating systems, database technology, communication protocols, middleware and gateways.


Scope of Services and Deliverables – The Services and Deliverables to be provided by the Vendor will include the following:

  • Identify, develop, document, and implement enhancements related to business process changes identified by OHISS business users
  • Develop and implement new reports in OHISS
  • Identify, develop, document, and implement resolutions for software errors (i.e. “bugs”) related to data entry or data accuracy identified by OHISS users
  • Assist the with application packaging for deployment on hosting servers
  • Incorporate/integrate HSC common utilities and lookup features and ensure that duplicate functionality is not developed where common utilities already exist
  • Develop ad-hoc reports which do not currently exist in OHISS to support program users
  • Perform data extracts for detailed analysis of data including data quality validation by program users
  • Update the necessary systems documentation following the implementation of code changes/enhancements
  • Provide system documentation to support application development work
  • Track, monitor, and prioritize change requests identified by PHU staff, and keep current the OHISS Training Guide
  • Assist with webinars or training sessions in support of the changes or enhancements
  • Support User Acceptance Testing and system deployments
  • Conduct thorough unit and integration testing of the OHISS solution development work
  • Provide application fixes, as required, to support the user acceptance testing and deployment activities related to the above deliverables
  • Assist stakeholders with understanding how the implementation of enhancements/software fixes to OHISS will impact existing application structures
  • Participate in provincial working groups, where appropriate, to provide assistance to further the development of the OHISS database
  • OHISS production application
  • Troubleshoot technical problems, and identify and implement resolutions
  • Resolve software error fixes (i.e. “bugs”)
  • Provide communication bulletins for extended or widespread identified problems/issues
  • Assess and resolve support tickets logged by PHU users

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